5 Evils

Oil On Canvas

By Pritpal Datewas


This work is a personification of the 5 evils/ thieves in Sikhism. These five thieves are kama (lust), krodh (wrath), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and ahankar (entitlement). 


“The primary aim of a practicing Sikh is to subdue these five inner vices and render them inactive. A Sikh strives to live a life of devotion to Waheguru with a positive attitude or spirit (Chardi Kala), accepting God's Will (Hukam), remembering God in Naam Japo, engaging in community service (Sewa) and practicing the Five Virtues. By taking these positive steps, the Five Thieves are gradually overcome and rendered powerless. Adopting this daily routine and discipline, ones actions become pure (nirmal) and rewarding. Through this process, any negativity and erroneous thinking in a person's heart and mind are removed.”


5 Evils