frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between canvas and paper prints?

All of our canvas prints are printed on acid free, lignin free heavyweight cotton-poly blend. The canvas base is enhanced with elastic polymers providing high tensile strength and flexibility for gallery wrap stretching without cracking. Our paper prints are printed on acid‑free, fine art paper with an elegantly textured 100% cotton base and natural white.

What is the difference between an unstretched and stretched canvas print?

Choosing an unstretched print option means that the canvas print you receive will be without a wood frame. Unstretched prints will have a border of 2.5 inch - with this, you will be able to mount the canvas print with a frame of your own choice.

What is a hand-embellished print?

After the canvas giclée has been printed, it is embellished with oil paints. This will highlight certain areas of the print, give it texture and the appearance of an original painting.

How soon will I get a commissioned painting?

Commissions can take up to a month as the paints we work with (oil paints) are slow to dry. Having said that, each painting is different as the thickness of paint used in every painting varies. The artist will get in touch regarding the date of completion before payment.

What is a giclée print?

Giclee (pronounced zhee-clays) is a French term meaning “to squirt/spray,'' referring to how an inkjet printer works and how giclee prints are usually produced. These large format inkjet printers use small spraying devices that can both match color and apply ink precisely, giving artists a high-quality print of their original art.

How long does shipping take?

Paper prints & unstretched prints may take up to 2 - 7 business days in order to be to processed and shipped. You will receive your items safely wrapped in plastic shipped via tubes. Please allow an additional 5-7 business days for shipping. Upon shipment, you will receive a tracking code via Canada Post. Stretched prints & resin prints may take up to 7 - 10 business days in order to be processed. You will receive your items safely bubble wrapped in a cardboard box. Please allow an additional 5 - 7 business days for shipping . Upon shipment, you will receive a tracking code via Canada Post.