a collision of colours       sippi-work woven with paint

The commission process begins with a design consultation. This consists of us taking a look at your reference photos in order to create a colour palette based on the decor & furniture of the environment the painting will be hanging in. After this, the creative process begins. Puneet works with oil paints. The colour pigment in oil paints are much more rich and vivid in comparison to acrylics paint; however, they are slow to dry. Puneet likes to add layers of paint glazes - which means each layer must be dry before it can be glazed with another coat of oil paints & mediums.


Additionally, Puneet adds her own twist to Indian embroidery by literally weaving sippi’s & gemstones with paint into the painting. This process can take quite some time, as oil paints are slow to dry. Once the painting is complete & is “touch-dry”, it is ready for pick-up! However, your painting will take six months to a year to fully cure - there isn't any water in the paint to evaporate. Nor does the paint dry by the oil in it evaporating away. Rather the oil oxidizes, it reacts with oxygen in the air which causes it to harden. The thicker the paint, the longer it will take to fully dry. As it dries, the darker colours will turn dull. Fret not - it’s completely normal - that’s just the nature of the paint! Once the painting is fully cured, we will add a final varnish to your painting, as this will bring all the colours back to life (Instagram #varnishporn).


We will get in touch with you once your painting is ready for this final step. You will have the option to choose either a gloss or matte varnish. After the painting receives its final varnish, the colours will stay that way forever. 

Each painting tells a story.

 a story of love, joy, nostalgia, grief or celebration.

My boyfriend absolutely loved the painting I got him for his birthday. We were both blown away by Puneet’s attention to detail ad I appreciated her help & open feedback during the initial consultation. It was a pleasure to have Puneet work on something that’s so personal. She has a friendly demeanour and a real passion for art shown through her excitement for this project. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to provide their loved ones with a unique & thoughtful gift. You have by far exceeded my expectations! Thanks again Puneet!! "



Are you looking to get a painting done for someone special or for a special occasion? You’re in the right place! We provide a live painting experience & commissioned art for all occasions. All paintings are made with the utmost care & with layers of oil paints. Oil paints are slow to dry, therefore, your painting may take a couple of weeks to a month in order to be completed. Please fill out our form, with any further questions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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