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Pritpal      Puneet


 “Meet the mother/daughter duo that tend to throw paint on anything and everything. These two indian-born creatives specialize in oil painting & fabric design."



Pritpal Kaur is a mother, an artist and a teacher. After completing her Masters in Fine Arts in India, Pritpal spent 8 years teaching Art & Punjabi before moving to Canada. She specializes in Oil Painting, Watercolors, Fabric Painting & Design. She paints to explore her spirituality & identity. Her artwork conceptualizes teachings of different religions such as Sikhism, Hinduism & Buddhism. She believes in self-empowerment through the practices of  ancient meditation techniques, mindfulness & giving the best to the world. After discovering her passion for empowering individuals who are on the Autism spectrum, Pritpal added ‘Unity in Diversity’ in her platform as an artist.  Pritpal currently works with the Surrey School District board to bridge gaps in education, social & communication skills that children with Autism may be facing.



Puneet grew up playing around with paint in her mother’s art studio, where art supplies never seem to dwindle. She creates out of curiosity &  to ground herself - as some feelings can only be expressed through brushstrokes. To sate her curious mind, Puneet took classes ranging from Geography, Drawing, Time-Travel in Media, Philosophy & Anthropology of Hip-Hop while attending the University of Victoria. Puneet currently works as an environmental steward & educator while expressing herself visually through painting. For her, art is the personification of her love for nature. Puneet is a member of Thrive Mastermind, a women’s art collective in Vancouver, BC.